Girl Be Heard! Vajzë Dëgjohu!

KosovaLive in partnership with award winning GlobalGirl Media and Network established the all-girls educational and professional bureau “Vajze Degjohu! Girl be heard! In Kosova. Since its inception in 2015, the Global Girl Media Kosova bureau at KosovaLive has been awarded seven honors and awards, including an honor from the State of New York and a ComeniusEdu Media award from the Society of
Pedagogy in Berlin, Germany. KosovaLive was nominated for the “Equal Employer” of the year award and finished third in a public voting from the Kosovar Gender Studies Center.
The bureau has 65 members, girls and young women from all parts of Kosovo, and specifically rural areas, who have produced more than 300 articles and more than 40 videos, a dozen workshops, events, and conferences and benefited from our skills for employability training. All articles and videos have been published nationally on KosovaLive360,, and internationally on
and other international outlets, like Womensenews, TheMaven, and Together for Girls’ Safe Magazine.
The bureau has held a number of workshops, relating to the writing, media, radio, podcast, change making and design thinking concepts, which have further enhanced the skills of our members. All of our workshops and panel discussions about the role of women in society have been led by women and have consisted of women representatives from all paths of life. The majority of our members have
been employed, are continuing their education in Kosovo or abroad, are engaged voluntarily in public discourse, are contributors to various magazines, or are engaged in public discourse through other activities.
We have seen that in the last two and a half years, since the existence of our award winning all girls educational and professional bureau, around 63% of our members, who have completed their program at KosovaLive and are of working age, have been employed, even though the intention has been for only 2-3 girls per generation to get employed. Our members have been employed in media organizations,
televisions, radios, news portals and magazines, civil society organizations, and think tanks. Of the members, 87% of them have voted in the last elections. A number of them, that are not included in these percentages, are abroad pursuing further educational opportunities.
To learn more about KosovaLive’s educational and professional bureau, please follow our activities on: @kosovaliveorganization on Facebook,
@Kosovalive_org on Twitter, and KosovaLive Org on LinkedIN