• Miami University Study Abroad Program – KosovaLive continues its unique partnership with a US based university. The study abroad program with the Journalism Department of the Miami University (Oxford, OH), which was launched in 2008, had its sixth edition in two summer months of 2013.  The ongoing program has been envisioned as an opportunity to develop the understanding and abilities at enterprising and in-depth journalism, through combining classroom learning with an internship at the free and independent news service. During their 8-week stay in Kosovo ( June through August), a group of ten students attend classes at the premises of KosovaLive under the tutelage of two Miami University and University of Dayton lecturers and an assistant. Most of the students will then, in the afternoon hours, continue with their internship at KosovaLive newsroom, under the direction of their professors and news agency staff, in producing stories for the service, while some of them, per their focus of study and interest, are placed for internship in local non-governmental organizations. (See: http://miamiuinkosovo.org/)
  • Students develop their abilities as online storytellers and work hand-in-hand with other non-profit organizations. Aside from their professional development, in the unique transitioning environment in Kosovo, working in a foreign language, students get a hands on experience of what it is to work in the media internationally.
  • Participants have a rare opportunity to witness and report history as unfolding in the young nation of Kosovo from the unbiased and factual lens of KosovaLive.

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