Media as a Means for Dialogue (MMD) breaks down barriers of communication and mistrust between everyday citizens in Kosovo and Serbia by placing young, talented journalists in outlets on the other side of the border. With time and access for reporting stories beyond the political topic du jour, participants gain insight into many of the common challenges shared by both communities; a perspective that can engender greater empathy among distrustful communities.

The program also seeks to build lasting relations between talented journalists and outlets, that should make it easier for media agencies in both countries to collaborate in the future.The outputs are published in print media, but also broadcast on radio and television.

The overarching and long-term objective of Media as a Means for Dialogue (MMD) is to broaden and strengthen the common ground between Serb and Albanian media and journalists as well as the respective societies at large, as well as advance the professional skills for journalists..

The specific objectives of Media as a Means for Dialogue (MMD) are to facilitate and improve dialogue between Albanian and Serb journalists and media and their readers; To combat stereotypes that Serbs and Albanians have of each other by providing informed and reliable news.

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Media as a Means for Dialogue (MMD) is supported by the United States Embassy in Prishtina, Kosovo