The Miami University Study Abroad program is entering its 10th year at KosovaLive. The program, which began in 2007, allows Miami University students to “to witness and tell the stories of Kosovars building a free and open society — a new, democratic nation.”

The 8-week program is open to all majors, but focuses on Journalism and International Studies. From Monday to Thursday, students attend two morning classes in the KosovaLive offices: Peacebuilding in the Balkans and News Media in a Democracy. In the afternoon, the Journalism students intern in the KosovaLive newsroom, writing articles on politics, culture, economics, the environment, urban development, public health, and more. The International Studies students intern in various NGOs around Pristina that focus on social justice, health or democratization.

The Miami University program includes day trips to Peja and Prizren, and a four-day trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Students are also encouraged to use their three-day weekends to explore the Balkans. So far, they have visited Peja, hiked to Red Stone Lake, and explored Radavc Cave and the White Drin Waterfall. They plan to continue their exploration of the region, with potential trips to Albania, Montenegro, and Macedonia.