What we did

KosovaLive was founded in 2000 at the time when there was a growing need for an independent news agency that would be serving the flourishing media scene in Kosovo. Initially established as a non-governmental organization, it came to light with the initiative and support of the OSCE, and start-up grant provided by a consortium of donors, among which Swiss Foreign Ministry, OSI, USAID through IREX, German Foreign Ministry and Press Now, just to mention the most prominent ones. For years, the internet based news agency KosovaLive served as the main source of information for most of the leading daily newspapers and broadcasters, as well as local and international governmental and non-governmental institutions/organizations working in Kosovo. In its second years of existence, turned into a subscription only internet based news agency, while continuing to be one of the most trusted and most widely used independent news sources.

– What we do
KosovaLive today is a much larger organization than at its start. KosovaLive NGO, which continues its media related activities within its non-governmental organization mandate, has given birth to Kosovalive Media Group, which in turn houses two entities. The first being Kosovalive360, which is increasing its status as one of the Kosovo’s most reliable, unbiased and quality news portals and SociaLive, which provides ever increasing up to date advertising and social media marketing services.