Along with the news production, during the years KosovaLive has implemented several very successful media related projects.

  • The Albanian-Serb Information Exchange Forum  – In January 2005, two leading news agencies, one in Pristina – KosovaLive and one in Belgrade – Beta, together with Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE) based in Thessalonica, embarked on a one-year project “The Albanian-Serb Information Exchange Forum). The goal was to create an independent, accurate, balanced and impartial trilingual (Albanian, Serbian, English) website which offered bias free news and opinion on Kosovo and all related problems. The “Forum” was a place where we established a culture of dialogue at the time it was missing in real life, bringing together politicians, publicists and experts from both sides in this unique online public space. The project also provided in-depth research on the attitudes among the population at large on how the ordinary man on the street – Albanian and Serb – see “the other”. (

All initiatives, like those started by the agencies BETA from Belgrade and the KosovaLive from Pristina, are undoubtedly contributing to dialogue and understanding among people in Kosovo and Serbia.” – Javier Solana, European Union High Representative

This is why I was very pleased when I was approached by KosovaLive to contribute an article to the Albanian-Serb Information Exchange Forum. All over the world the media have considerable influence in shaping public opinion and behavior and here in Kosovo is no different. By fostering the exchange of information between Albanian and Serb journalists, by dispelling the inaccurate or partisan reporting that we often see and providing the public instead with high quality information that is not tainted or compromised by political or other interests, this website can play a leading role in informing the debate in both societies.” – Soren Jessen Petersen, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Kosovo

  • NED-KosovaLive Subscription Subsidies project –  For a decade now, KosovaLive, with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, has been implementing a project  through which it provides its daily news service in Albanian and Serbian/Bosnian to two dozen of most relevant local broadcasters throughout Kosovo. The current list of recipients is composed 20 local radio stations, most of them Albanian, but also multilingual and in the languages of minorities, as well as four members of the Mreza network, consisting of Serb language local television stations. (See:
  • Europe Integration Information Hub – During 2006-2007 KosovaLive ran an internet based news resource called Europe Integration Information Hub, in two Albanian and English.  The objective of the project was to foster European integration while strengthening the visibility of the European Union integration activities in general, and in Kosovo, in particular. The overarching and long-term objective of this project is to broaden and strengthen the visibility of European Union actions related to the EU integration by raising awareness among media and journalists as well as the society.