KosovaLive is a non governmental organization, founded in 2000 as a subscription based news agency for the provision of news to the public at the national level. Aside from serving as a news agency, KosovaLive has worked with numerous institutions in Kosova, with which it has implemented a number of projects, specifically in the development of democracy, accountability within institutions, women’s and girls’ empowerment, and capacity building for more than 300 young professionals.

With the expansion of its pool of activities, KosovaLive’s mission has evolved and has been adapted to reflect its work. The organization’s purpose is to engage in activities for positive societal changes, by informing and educating the public, and enhancing the professional capacities of youth, with a focus in social entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of girls and women.

As a volunteer at KosovaLive, you may have the following duties:
*Assisting in organizing free workshops
*Assisting in organizing events for the benefit of community
*Assisting in promoting the all girls media education and professional bureau GlobalGirl Media Kosova
*Help our globalgirls on their trips to produce videos and articles

Benefits of being a volunteer at KosovaLive:

*Spend time in a friendly environment
* Learn how to work in a professional environment
*Be the first to learn about internship opportunities
*Be notified about employment opportunities at KosovaLive
*Have access to educational workshops
*Get discounts to professional certifications that KosovaLive is planning on launching
*Learn from professionals that have been honored internationally

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