KosovaLive Organization

Founded in Prishtina, following the 1999-2000 war, as a result of a growing need for an independent news agency to serve the local and international media, KosovaLive has transformed, while keeping its roots intact.

“When the KosovaLive independent news agency was launched last October, nobody was sure it could survive. Now, ten months later, the problem—if you can call it that—is too much KosovaLive content in local publications, not too little. Newspapers fill entire pages with KosovaLive stories, and some observers are beginning to wonder if KosovaLive content is keeping weaker papers alive. For many radio stations, KosovaLive is the only source of news. Such are the burdens of success.” – Terry FitzPatrick, 2001
(Terry FitzPatrick was a journalism advisor at KosovaLive, supported by the U.S. State Department’s Professional in Residence Program. See: http://www.fitzpatrickmedia.com/)

After a decade of establishing its reputation as a credible, unbiased, and quality entity of sourcing information, KosovaLive has enriched its services and now offers journalism educational trainings and organizes activities and events directed towards advancing the society.

“We chose to establish a summer program in Kosovo mainly because we knew that KosovaLive is a genuinely independent news agency and that our students would be in an environment of high professional standards and journalistic ethics.” – Ed Arnone, journalist with 25 years of experience as a reporter and senior editor at daily newspapers in the United States, now professor of Journalist at Miami University, Oxford Ohio.

Founded by Afërdita Saraçini-Kelmendi, owner of one of the leading television stations in Kosovo, RTV21, Blerim Shala, former journalist and publisher/owner of one of the leading dailies in Kosovo – Zeri, current vice-chairman of the political party Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (Aleanca për Ardhmërinë e Kosovës – AAK), Daut Dauti, publicist, Akan Ismaili, former CEO of IPKO, leading internet/mobile provider in Kosovo, current Kosovo Ambassador the United States, and Kelmend Hapçiu, media manager, editor, columnist, and translator, with thirty years of journalistic experience, who has since been the director/editor-in-chief of KosovaLive news agency.

We at KosovaLive believe that the media’s purpose in addition to informing is to educate. Thus, we focus our work in ensuring that the common Kosovar is served unbiased, straight-forward news; encouraging research and giving an opportunity to students to publish and present studies in our headquarters, with the intention of enriching the common knowledge pool about Kosovo; and hosting events, that have a focus in developing critical thinking abilities among the common Kosovar.