Kelmend Hapçiu

Founder and Executive Director

E-Mail: kelmendh (at)

Kelmend founded KosovaLive right after the Kosovo-Serbia war, when there was a growing need for independent, unbiased and professional reporting, Established initially as a subscription-based news agency, providing news to leading local and international media outlets, KosovaLive now is a much larger organization working in democratization, reconciliation, gender equality and media education.

Kelmend has over thirty years of journalistic experience as a reporter, editor and media manager.

Prior to KosovaLive, he was reporter/columnist/editor of the first-ever independent publication in Albanian in Kosovo, weekly Koha. Mr. Hapçiu served as its editor until 1997, when the weekly turned into daily.

He worked as the foreign news editor/reporter of the daily Bujku, published by the original staff of daily Rilindja (newspaper), which was banned by the Serb government in 1990. As a reporter, he covered a wide range of issues from everyday life. In the late ‘80s, focusing mainly on political issues, he served as a correspondent for the Kosovo parliament.

For a brief period, he associated with the Kosova Fund for the Open Society in Prishtina, Kosovo. He served as a Fellow for the Kettering Foundation, a think-tank, which focuses its research around the broad question of “What makes democracy work as it should?”, based in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

He holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Prishtina.

Apart from his native Albanian, he is fluent in English, Serbo-Croat/Bosniak, Turkish and has passive knowledge of French.

Mr. Hapçiu was involved in several translation projects from English into Albanian, among them Al Gore’s ‘The Earth in Balance’, (co-translator) and John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’.