KosovaLive announces the call for applications for girls aged 17-24 for the iEngage & iWrite project. This project aims at providing young girls who are university and high school students job training in a professional media.

The participation in the project is designed as a one-month practice in KosovoLive, during which girls will engage in tackling different topics from their field of interest. During this practice, they will be trained by KosovaLive`s experienced editors in identifying, researching and writing articles.

Their participation will be concluded with an article and video realized and published as a co-author, under the direction of the producers and the editors of Kosovalive.

The application is open to all interested girls, primarily students, regardless of the chosen field of studies.

Application deadline is the 20th of January 2019,at 23:59

You can find the link for application in our Facebook page facebook.com/kosovaliveorg