Providing independent and unbiased news, has been KosovaLive’s main aim since its establishment in 2000. Our work has never been more important than now, when we are susceptible to the brunt of disinformation and propaganda in the form of fake news every second. Anyone is susceptible to fake news, yet the most vulnerable are persons who do not have access to opportunity and education.

To ameliorate and address the threats of fake news, we are training journalists, providing internships for local minority journalists and contributing to the media landscape with professionally produced media content. Here are some photos of our meeting with media heads and editors of minority broadcasters from throughout Kosovo. What is #fakenews? Fakenews, is propaganda, which consists of purposeful disinformation spread via print, broadcast, online portals or social media outlets. The distorted misinformation is often spread through social media, but often ends up in mainstream media.

Fakenews is created with the intention to mislead the reader, damage the reputation, agency, entity or person, by gaining financially or politically. This project is supported by U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo