KosovaLive Organization in partnership with international award winning GlobalGirl Media is establishing a girl’s news academy and bureau in Prishtina, for educating and empowering Kosovo girls in new age media. The bureau is part of the greater international GGM family in Los Angelos, South Africa, London, Oakland, Chicago, Morocco, and New York that work in developing the voice and self-expression of teenage girls in underserved communities by training them to become citizen journalists, and harnessing the power of new digital media to inspire social activism and change in their communities.

We invite interested girls from 17-25 years old to apply for the “GIRL BE HEARD”, digital journalism, leadership and production training workshop for empowering and increasing the capabilities and skill-capacity of high school and university girls in Kosovo. From then on, for 12 months 15-20 paid girls will produce content continually each month, under the guidance of KosovaLive, to be featured locally and internationally. Attendance from GlobalGirls is important and it is required that they are ready to make an initial two week commitment for the academy (May 15th-May 30th), and a regular weekly meeting (We will write requests for permission for school for selected participants).

The “Girl be Heard” training will be lead by award-wining documentary and film producer, Amie Williams, (Yale: English & Theater Arts; UCLA Film Production) Executive Director and Co-founder of GlobalGirl Media. Amie Williams, has produced, directed, edited over 100 projects, from feature documentaries, industrials, television specials and spots for PBS, Current TV, Al Jazeera English, Discovery Channel, California Democratic Party, Canadian TV, labor unions (SEIU UNITEHERE, AFTRA) and BBC. Please see Amie Williams’ complete profile!

Selection Criteria
– Must be a young woman aged 17-25
– Must be currently enrolled in high school and/or university (Priority given to Public High School & University enrolled girls)
– Must show keen interest in journalism/current events/film and demonstrate strong communication skills
– Must be available for training sessions for two full weeks from 15th of May – 30th of May, with sessions from 10 am – 3 pm.
– Must submit a complete application by 5th of May 2015 at 24:00
– Chosen finalist will be contacted for a personal interview.

To be considered, applications must include all of the following:
-Application form with all fields filled out, click here for application!
-A letter or email (office@globalgirlmedia.org and to social@kosovalive.org ) from a school, association or professional person clearly explaining the candidate’s interest in journalism, writing, art and/or community activism.

Bureau Requirements:

  • Participation in 2 weeks of the GGM – “Girl be Heard” Training (15th of May – 30th of May)
  • One year Dedication to the KosovaLive- GlobalGirlMedia bureau (12 months)
  • Participation in regular weekly meetings (Once a week)
  • Production of Articles & Videos/Films

Benefits – Skills for Employability:

  • Enhance your communication skills: speaking, writing & presenting
  • Learn how to create, design and promote your blog, choose worthy topics to write, and reach your audience
  • Gain practical interviewing and reporting experience by producing your own written and visual stories
  • Learn sound editing, music integrating, lighting techniques for video
  • Learn best techniques for Directing and shooting films – shoot your own film!
  • Become a published journalist & film-maker for the independent KosovaLive360.com, Kosovalive.org, and GlobalGirlMedi.org, and GGMN.tv
  • Gain practical work experience
  • Build your CV and portfolio
  • Learn how to apply for work and find best local employment opportunities

Benefits – Financial/Personal/Educational:

  • Paid position
  • You become an internationally published journalist/film-maker.
  • Publishings on KosovaLive360, KosovaLive.org, Globalgirlmedia.org, & GGMN.tv and other outlets
  • Merit based University of Prishtina Scholarship opportunities from Flora Stationery
  • Dedication & Merit Based Semester Exchange Opportunities in universities in the USA.
  • Local Internships, Networking, Employment Opportunities following the Completion of the Program
  • International traveling and professional training opportunities
  • International Networking Opportunities through the GlobalGirlMedia Network (Bureaus: Los Angelos, New York, Chicago, London, Morrocco, South Africa, Oakland, & Kosova)
  • Make your voice heard internationally! Contribute to Kosovo’s public & digital diplomacy!

For more about GGM Academy graduates and information on GGM, visit: www.globalgirlmedia.org and www.ggmn.tv

For information about KosovaLive Organisation & KosovaLive360, please visit: www.kosovalive.org, www.kosovalive360.com and www.kosovakosovo.org

Complete Application Here: Girl Be Heard Academy! Akademia Vajzë Dëgjohu! by the 5th of May 2015 (24:00)

For questions regarding the KosovaLive-GlobalGirlMedia (GGM) girl’s news bureau please contact:

KosovaLive Organisation, Pallati i Shtypit, Media Aneksi II, Prishtina, Kosova, 10000, annea.hapciu@kosovalive.org, +381 38 248 276/277

Information Session for “Girl be Heard! Vajzë Dëgjohu!” will be held on the 20th of April 2015 (from 12:00-13:00 PM) at KosovaLive (Offices: Close to RTV21, by Prince Coffee House, second floor, on top of Zeri newspaper. If you can’t find the place, please call +381 38 248 276)

The Kosovalive – GlobalGirlMedia(GGM) bureau is supported by the Undersecretary;s Innovation Fund from the U.S Embassy in Prishtina and Swiss Development Cooperation in Kosovo: