Our duty is to inform and educate.

We at KosovaLive believe that the media’s duty in addition to informing is to educate. In a country where more than 70% of the people are under 35 years old, we believe it is of utmost importance to use our efforts to prepare the future generations to create sustainable and well-functioning communities.

The education system in Kosovo suffered tremendously for decades prior to the war; since 1999, it has experienced significant progress, making various reforms. Nevertheless, its long term sustainability is frail. The system still struggles to produce student capacities in line with modern market demands, creating a skills-gap in the economy.  Aside from the traditional education, students lack extracurricular and practical activities to demonstrate their in-class learning.

Through our educational efforts, a blend of collaboration from the public and NGO sectors, we at KosovaLive strive to lessen this gap, by offering students a place to display and enhance their theoretical learning.

With the ever increasing multi-cultural working environments, we enable local students to jointly work with international interns, developing cultural tolerance and joint problem solutions.