Summary report on the quality assessment procedure in Kosovo

Date of publishing of the call for applications:
May 22,2020

Amount of each grant: £3,000

Deadline for submitting applications:
June 8, 2020

Number of received applications: 5

Number of received applications found eligible for quality assessment: 5

The selection committee, comprised of representatives from KosovaLive, Media Centar Sarajevo and Albany Associates assessed five applications.

The project originally envisioned to distribute two grants, yet it was decided by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) to increase the number of awards to up to five per country in order to further assist media at this critical time.

All applicants who submitted an application for the “Content Production Small Grant”, Gracanica Online, Zëri, Ekonomia Online, Gazeta Blic, and Radio Vala Rinore will be awarded £ 3,000, as support.


Media Centar Sarajevo and

Albany Associates

Date: 10, July 2020