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“Mediatnik” Training for In-depth Research

Jun 24, 2019

We held a one-day training for the students of journalism within Mediatnik project, implemented at KosovaLive. The purpose of the training is to prepare journalism students to do in-depth research.

We invited Saranda Ramaj, an investigative journalist at Koha Ditore, who spoke on how to write investigative articles, how to find and select reliable sources for investigative articles and the platforms they can use to get information and find sources in order to write such texts. The participants were very active and the training was very interactive.




“iEngage & iWrite” – Training

“iEngage & iWrite” – Training

Professor Ferdije Zhushi, who is a lecturer at the Faculty Mathematics and Nature Sciences, Department of Biology – was invited at KosovaLive. She held a lecture for the participants of iEngage & iWrite project. She talked about the history of using natural resources, renewable energy, and the importance of environment protection.


UNDP: Restore our Earth, a wake-up call to save the Planet 

UNDP: Restore our Earth, a wake-up call to save the Planet 

This 8-week Miami University summer program is based in the capital, Pristina. Students attend classes in Journalism and International Studies, and intern at a news agency or NGO, 4 days a week, with 3-day weekends for exploring Southeastern Europe.