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Covering COVID-19: Psychological Safety for Journalists

Jan 8, 2020

Gavin Rees: Psychological Safety for Journalists

Target the psychological impact of stress

Take frequent brakes.

Stretch the tight muscles.

Use deep breathing exercises.

Limit your news dosage

Keep news exposure within a box.

Maintaining a sense of control:

Plan your work differently.

Save the worst for your freshest.

Brake things up.

Be realistic about concentration levels.




Womedia Training at KosovaLive

Womedia Training at KosovaLive

The pictures were taken from the “Womedia” training from 22th to 25th of January, and in 28th of January, each day with a different group. “Womedia” training was divided into five groups, four of them were held in Albanian by Annea Hapciu as a Mentor, and Renea Begolli describing the camera. The fifth group was trained by Petar Đorđević in Serbian language .