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The police operation is already completed and the situation is calm in the north part of Mitrovica

Oct 13, 2021

The police operation was conducted in the region of Prishtina, Peja, Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North. In all other regions, the police operation went without any problems while in the Mitrovica North criminal groups in the organized manner have been gathered by blocking the roads with various transporting means, using gas tanks, shock bombs, fire weapon shootings and hand grenades just to hinder and assault customs and police officers who were carrying out their official duties.

Referring to the situation created in this region, by directly endangering the officers, blocking the roads, use of gas tanks, shock bombs, use of fire weapons and hand grenades by the suspicious persons as well as the damage/arson of the official vehicles, Kosovo Police was obliged to undertake police actions by using necessary legal means in order to provide safety for the officers involved in this operation, for citizens in that area as well as enabling free movement and traffic.

As a result of throwing various deadly things towards police officers, until now are reported (6) police officers suffering bodily injuries, (5) five of them Albanian nationalities and (1) one Serbian nationality. Based on the initial information one of the involved persons in assaulting of police officers is injured.

Until now, there are arrested and detained eight (8)persons;

  1. K. (1957) male kosovar/albanian from Peja Region,
  2. K. (1979) male kosovar/albanian from Region Prishtina,

M.N. (1990) male kosovar/albanian from Region i Mitrovica South,

I.Z. (1982) male kosovar/albanian from Region i Mitrovica South

A.D. (1995) male kosovar/albanian from Region i Mitrovica South,

  1. Dz.(1958) male kosovar /bosnian from Region Mitrovica North,
  2. H. (1975) male kosovar /albanian from Region i Mitrovica North,
  3. L. (1978) male kosovar /serbian from Region i Mitrovica North,

Also, various smuggled goods and evidence in the amount of hundreds of thousands of euros were seized, which serve as material evidence, which were located in different locations, business premises, warehouses etc.

The police operation has ended, the situation in the northern part of Mitrovica has calmed down, while further police actions are being carried out in cooperation and coordination with Kosovo Customs and the judiciary.




Newborn reclaimed with mixed reactions

Newborn reclaimed with mixed reactions

Ismaili first started changing Newborn’s theme in 2013. Previously, the government would not permit Ismaili to repaint it. Overlapping signatures and graffiti buried the faded monument before the government updated it on the 2013 anniversary.



Germany supports Kosovo to strengthen COVID-19 response

Germany supports Kosovo to strengthen COVID-19 response

This 8-week Miami University summer program is based in the capital, Pristina. Students attend classes in Journalism and International Studies, and intern at a news agency or NGO, 4 days a week, with 3-day weekends for exploring Southeastern Europe.