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“Do not spit on the street”, an awareness campaign for a clean environment

Dec 22, 2015

The slogan “Do not spit on the street”, part of the campaign that raises people’s awareness of a cleaner environment, has been circulating in social media for several days now. This campaign has been initiated by some young people, who have observed unhealthy environments in the streets of the capital city and beyond.

The campaign creator, Shpat Komoni, with a degree in graphic design says that the condition of the environment he lives in is alarming:

“The condition our streets are in troubles me every day. Even though during the night they are cleaned by the municipality, tomorrow they look all the same, overflowing with spit” he says.

The campaign creator says for KosovaLive that such an action should be avoided as soon as possible, and even be punished either by a fine or a special law.

“Anyone can see the spit in every corner of the street. I have pictures of “Nënë Tereza” square where a large amount of spit can be seen in two square meters,” Shpat Komoni says.

When asked whether this campaign has been well-received by the citizens, Komani says:

“When I showed the logo I made for this campaign to one of my friends, he liked the idea and told me: Everytime I’ll try to spit I’ll remember this logo and I won’t do it. It was precisely the reaction of a person with such a habit after seeing the logo that motivated me even more and I hope it will have the same impact in other people as well,” he said.

/Merita Miftari – Vajzë Dëgjohu/




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Crisis in Journalism U.S. & Kosovo: What we have in common

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