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Fact – Checking Reminder Poster

Jul 8, 2020

KosovaLive has prepared a simple tool to help newsrooms cope with disinformation.

It is a step by step algorithm, developed as a result of trainings and workshops with journalists across the region, designed to provide practical guidance in cases when suspicion information needs to be verified.

Even though verification of information is standard practice in journalism, with fast changing online trends, verification of online content sometimes requires additional steps, some of which are illustrated in provided poster.

We hope this poster will be of use for your team. You can also look up online version on

We would appreciate any feedback you had on the poster, its utility, and if your team would benefit from similar or different tools in the future. If possible, we would also like to contact you again to follow up on how it may have helped your work.

Poster has been developed with the project “Promoting Media Information Literacy and Strengthening Independent Media in the Western Balkans”, implemented by Albany Associates and KosovaLive.

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The vote for new deputies, a vote of hope for change

The vote for new deputies, a vote of hope for change

It is obvious that the youth is the future of a country and its development. The advancement of the educational system and the opening of new jobs is a step in making them aware that their future is in Kosovo and not in other countries,” Bunjaku-Rexhepi says.




Do you want to learn what are the ways of developing initiatives, businesses and government interventions that could lead the way of economy development towards a sustainable economy in harmony with our environment and their needs?


In a place thought of as belonging to men, men are supporting women

In a place thought of as belonging to men, men are supporting women

“I always put stress on freedom, space and opportunity since I have noticed that women are not free to be who they want to be. She has no opportunity to be who she wants to be, and even if she becomes that, she cannot prove herself. I am afraid of that, and it is a fact that feminism is transforming into the opposite of machoism. It is turning into hate against men. It often happens that instead of feminism, the ‘feminists’ themselves cultivate sexism, often against themselves, and here we cannot talk about feminism,” he says.