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Mental Fitness: Practical Steps for Resilience

Oct 8, 2020

Call for Applications!

Working in potentially traumatic situations is a routine reality for many journalists in the Western Balkans. You don’t have to be in an active war zone to find yourself interviewing vulnerable contributors or in threatening situations where physical violence is a possibility.

This two-day training focuses on resilience and mental fitness. What do journalists need to know about trauma in order to increase their ability to work effectively and safely on the most demanding stories. Led by Gavin Rees from the Dart Centre and Visar Sadiku, clinical psychologist the training will be participatory and include state of the art briefings on:

– Why journalists need to factor greater trauma awareness into their work
– Trauma reactions (what they are and how they affect both journalists and the people in their stories)
– Practical steps for boosting resilience when facing intimidation and other challenges,
– Best practice in ethical interviewing and working safely with trauma-affected sources and contributors
– Collective-care. What journalists can do to support their colleagues.


When will it happen: 22 & 23 of October 2020 (from 9:30-16:00)

Where will it take place: KosovaLive (Pallati i Shtypit, Media Aneksi II, Prishtina, Kosovo)

The workshop will be held in Albanian and English. There will also be simultaneous translation in Serbian.

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*This workshop is only for journalists who live and work in Kosovo.



Media Law Training

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Lack of property is leaving women without businesses

Lack of property is leaving women without businesses

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KosovaLive meeting with Bill Clinton

KosovaLive meeting with Bill Clinton

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